Mark Wahlberg Workout

Have you ever thought about how male movie stars need to adapt their appearance to suit their roles? Being flexible and motivated enough to lose or gain weight and muscle now seems crucial to the success of becoming a male movie star. Keep reading to discover the Mark Wahlberg Workout that he used to add muscle mass and bulk to his frame. markwahlbergarmworkouts

Let’s take a look at how Mark Wahlberg has achieved this on the road to stardom and fame and look at the workout programs he has used.

To understand his transformation journey better let’s start with some basics. Mark is 5ft 8 inches tall, which is a good height, which is not that tall, just more of an average height which you can probably relate too.  His normal weight range sits about 185 lbs.

To give you an overview Mark has been able to increase his size and muscle mass up to 221 lbs and on the lower end, down to 165 lbs. Mark’s movie Pain & Gain is the one where he increased his muscle mass to his top limit. In this movie he had to play a Miami body builder, so it was important that he looked muscular. This movie also starred ‘the rock’, Dwayne Johnson, who also had to get into fantastic shape for his role.

There are many celebrity programs available where you can see what type of workout routines the celeb used for their training. Let’s take a look at the Mark Wahlberg workout plan.

The Mark Wahlberg Diet

His diet consists of lots of fresh fruits, quality protein and some carbohydrates. He likes to eat by breaking down his meals into 3 healthy sized meals, and then 3 snack sized meals.

Examples of the foods he eats on his diet include:

  • Chicken
  • Small amount of carbs
  • Fruit – especially berries and bananas

Here’s a look at how he divides his nutrition across his daily meals.


‘The Marked’ Meal Plan Schedule

This will vary depending upon his pending movie role. A great example of this was his role in Pain & Gain. He needed to eat between 10-12 times each day in order to put on the required amount of muscle – mark wahlberg workout style! This meant that he had to have the dedication and motivation to wake up at 2 am in the morning to eat, whether he was hungry or not. You can imagine that this was not a fun routine to have to do at all!

Now let’s move on to the exciting part and that’s Mark’s Workout Routine including his post workout diet.

During his workouts Mark usually consumes lots of water along with a handful of berries, sometimes adding in a banana.

His post workout diet would be to chow down on a protein bar, apparently he prefers whey protein bars.

Mark Wahlberg Workout Programmark wahlberg workout celebrity programs

One of the best ways to increase your muscle mass is to start using supersets and heavy weights, especially when you are focusing on arm workouts. Cardio was performed on workout days for just 30 minutes, and with these workout routines Mark made sure to allow two good days of rest. It is vital to allow your muscles to rest and recover, otherwise you will not see the desired results, which is fast muscle gain.

Depending upon which movie role Mark was trying to bulk up for, he would focus on different areas of his body. The following are the body areas he chose for his role in the movie Pain and Gain.

Body areas focused on were:

Chest, Arms & Abs – typically done on his  Monday, morning workout session.

The types of exercises he included were flat bench presses, dumbbell chest flys, front shoulder raises, side shoulder raisins, shoulder military press, parallel bar dips, cable triceps press down, lying triceps extension,

Mark would workout again in the afternoon and this workout would include working on his abdominal muscles, along with some stretching and some cardio.

Types of exercises included were: curl up, bicycle and side crunches, twists using a medicine ball. His cardio portion was 30 minutes on either a treadmill or elliptical machine.

His Tuesday morning workout routine would focus on his legs, biceps and back. The types of exercises performed include front and split squats, leg presses, jump squats, walking lunges, calf raises, barbell deadlift, alternating leg curls, pullups, dumbbell rows, lat pull downs, seated pulley rows.

During the afternoon or early evening workout Mark would focus on his biceps with stretching and some more cardio. Types of exercises done include seated bicep curl, dumbbell bicep curl, barbell bicep curl, EZ bar curl, preacher curl and machine bicep curl. The cardio was the same as Monday with 30 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

After all of this pumping you can imagine how tired his muscles would be. So the next day is a total rest day.

Back to working out, Mark would basically repeat the first two days of his workout plan for the next two days. This is what forms the basics of the Mark Wahlberg workout that he has become famous for.

Mark added circuit training with various rounds of each exercise. Resting for 90 seconds after each circuit or round. When it came to lifting weights he would vary the weight of each. During a session he may start off with a 45 lb weight, then move on to 50 or 55 lbs and finally up to a 65 lb weight. Mark enjoys playing basketball and would often use this for his cardio session. As you can appreciate, it’s always great to mix things up a little when it comes to exercise. This way you don’t get bored with the same type of exercise all of the time.

mark wahlberg workout get ripped muscles

Another form of training that you can add is Plyometrics Training. This is basically a jump training that you may have seen featured in CrossFit training.

Plyometrics or plyos are exercises that allow you to exert maximum force within a short time period. Your end goal is to increase your power or speed strength.

Why the Mark Wahlberg Workout Plan and Diet Succeeded

While the attention of Mark’s weight and muscle gain success was on his workout plan, Mark himself would often say in interviews, that nutrition was the key to his success.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. We all need to be aware of what we put into our bodies. If you are consuming junk or processed foods your body will eventually rebel and show signs of this. You may notice this in different ways; gaining weight, feeling tired, and experiencing joints that hurt like crazy.

Now when you consume good quality healthy foods you are going to look and feel better. That’s not to say that Mark and other celebrities don’t use nutritional or weight loss supplements, they are reported to use them to stay healthy. You can imagine the kind of rigorous and exhausting day movie stars have while shooting a movie. They often need a nutritional boost to get through a hard day of filming, and will use a supplement or protein shake as needed.

Another thing you may not know about Mark is that he has a passion for pancakes. He likes to make Sundays his cheat day and looks forward to eating pancakes then! There’s no reason why you can’t do the same. Just don’t over do it on your cheat day. Allow yourself a treat but don’t overindulge.

Mark Wahlberg Workout – Arm Routines

As you may have noticed, in pictures or at the movies, Mark really likes to focus on building good arm muscles. He does this by adding supersets into his workout routine. Plus, he will really focus on his biceps, by repeating the rounds or circuits. By really placing focus on his arm muscles with his routines he is pushing his biceps to their max each time he exercises. This is actually the perfect way to build huge arm muscles quickly.

arm workout routines for the mark wahlberg workout

Understanding Advanced Hypertrophy

Just in case you are not sure what advanced hypertrophy is, let’s explain.

For example, you have been weight lifting, performing arm curls and other arm or exercises for your shoulders, and now have good arm and chest shape and definition. You have reached a point where no matter what you do, you can’t seem to increase your shape. It’s now time to apply advanced hypertrophy!

What you would do is start with a heavy weight and perform arm curls until you reach the point where you can’t do anymore. Then you quickly switch to a weight that is about 20% lighter, then repeat this again for a total of 3 times.

Another way to do this is to stay with the same weight. When you get to the point where you feel you can’t go on you stop and take a 15-20 second break, then continue on. During the last set you will continue until you are done!

Tips for performing a Superset – Mark Wahlberg Workout Style

If you copy what Mark did you will have the correct formula for performing a superset, Mark Wahlberg style. Perform a superset when you doing an exercise that uses more than one muscle, which is then followed up by an exercise that concentrates on just one area or muscle.

Mark Wahlberg Workout Routine Tipsmark wahlberg workout healthy living

Always stretch before starting any workout routine or plan. This way your body will be warmed up and ready to start moving. Stretching and warming up with a gentle jog will help to prevent any injuries. Mark always does this as he has hurt his back in the past and obviously doesn’t want to risk injuring it again. Even if you don’t have an old injury, warm up and stretch!

While preparing for his movies, Mark, always maintained a professional and positive mindset. While he was preparing for the movie, The Fighter, Mark kept going even when the producers were not sure that the movie was going to be made.

As you can see it takes dedication to increase your muscle mass as fast as Mark Wahlberg did. It also requires you to be motivated to led a lifestyle that includes healthy living. This includes good nutrition and exercising to increase your fitness level.

Men and women alike should be taking care of their health and be aware of any potential health issues that are prevalent for them. Men’s health issues can crop up at any time and at any age. So be sure to workout appropriately for your age and fitness level.